Red Lacquer Mirror

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Step 1 – Clean Off The Grime

Every project deserves a fresh start. With a clean lint-free rag and the Amy Howard at Home© Clean Slate™ solution in hand, gently wipe away the dust, dirt and grime collected from years of use.

Step 2 – Shake And Stir

To ensure optimal performance, thoroughly shake your Amy Howard at Home© One Step Paint™ for at least 1-2 minutes before opening. Follow by stirring with a clean wooden stir stick until all ingredients are mixed to an even creamy texture.

Pro Tip
Some cans have sat still for longer and may need to be repeatedly shaken and stirred.

Step 3 – Apply One Step Paint

Apply an even, ‘not too thick’ coat of One Step Paint™ to the entire surface using an Amy Howard at Home© synthetic brush.

Step 4 – Allow To Dry

Allow an average 30-45 minute drying time between each coat. Simply repeat painting and drying process until desired coverage is obtained.

Step 5 – Load Your Brush

Load an Amy Howard at Home© china bristle brush with just enough Light Antique Wax™ wax to cover the tips of the bristles.

Step 6 – Allow To Dry

Use the cardboard palette to offload excess wax from the brush.

Step 7 – Apply Your Wax

Apply the Light Antique Wax™ over the entire piece moving the brush in a “cross hatch” pattern.

Step 8 – Time To Tack

Allow wax to come to tack for about 20 minutes.

Step 9 – Apply Your Dark Wax

Using the same load and offload technique, lightly apply the Amy Howard at Home© Dark Antique Wax™ over outer corners with a clean china bristle brush.

Pro Tip
The Amy Howard at Home© Dark Antique™ is for accenting only. Aim to cover only 15-20% of your project. Less is always more with this step.

Step 10 – Feather The Corners

Return to outer corners of project and gently “feather” the Dark Antique Wax™ with brush to further the naturally worn effect.

Step 11 — Time To Tack Again

Allow the wax to come to “tack” for about 20 minutes.

Step 12 – The Buffing Process

Using a clean T-shirt rag, buff your piece with a hit-drag motion just like you would a shoe. This buffing process brings out a beautiful patina shine as well as that authentic aged look.

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