Photo Canvas with Copycat

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With the holiday season upon us, it is time to start thinking about what to give all of the special someones in your life! If you are like me, I prefer to give a personalized gift made especially for each of them, versus another one of the many things they probably already have.

As the years have zoomed past, my family and I have found that our photographs have become more and more precious. Everyone has grown older of course, but within those photos, my babies will always remain my babies. What a thankful heart this mamma has for our modern age of photographic time capsules.

This year I have decided to wrap each of my child’s presents with a photograph of them as a keepsake! Everyone will know who the gift is for as they laugh at the wonderful memory displayed! For my daughter Brooke, I chose a silly photo of her and Gene from a few years back.

For this project you will need:

  • Amy Howard at Home Copycat
  • Amy Howard at Home  flat china bristle brush
  • Amy Howard at Home Light Antique Wax
  • Clean sponge brush
  • Printed photo of choice
  • Small art canvas
  • Plaster trowel
  • Clean lint-free rag
  • Optional tools:
  • Amy Howard at Home Dust of Ages
  • Amy Howard at Home Dark Antique Wax
  • Amy Howard at Home  round china bristle brush

Now, let’s get started!

Step 1

Print the photo of your choice with a laser jet printer in the appropriate proportion to your canvas size. I prefer to use 60 lb bright white paper. Both ink jet and laser jet printers are capable of transferring using the copy cat. For a more clean and crisp transfer, we suggest using a laser jet printer.


Step 2

Cut the edges your image down to fit the exact size of your canvas.



Pour the Amy Howard at Home Copycat solution into a disposable bowl. Using a clean sea sponge, brush solution onto the front of the image. Aim for full coverage.


Step 4

Using your same sea wool sponge, apply a full coverage coat of the Copycat solution onto the canvas surface as well. It is very important to cover both surfaces liberally and very well!


Step 5

Sandwich front of your photo image onto your canvas, marrying solution to solution.


Step 6

Using your clean plaster trowel, burnish the backside of your image with smooth long swipes. Aim to gently press out any air bubbles.


Step 7

Allow your photos surface to dry at least 2 hours. The longer curing time, the better for this step!


Step 8

After your canvas has fully dried, saturated a lint free rag with tepid tap water. Taking your wet rag, rub the back side or your paper surface with a circular motion to carefully wear all of the copy paper away.


Step 9

As the pulp of the copy paper begins to peel away, you will see your beautiful image appear. After all of the paper is worn from your image, allow the wet photo to dry for at least another 30 minutes. Sometimes I will even speed up the drying time with a hair dryer!

Pro Tip: If you find there are a few areas of your photo where the Copycat solution was not fully adhered, do not worry. The ending antiquing process will help you embrace the weathered look!


Step 10

For extra protection, I like to apply a thin layer of my Amy Howard at Home Light Antique Wax. Take your clean Amy Howard at Home china bristle brush and dip just the tips of the bristles into the wax pan, then swirl around. Offload excess wax onto a scrap cardboard surface, then lightly feather wax onto your photo surface and allow to dry for at least 20 minutes.

Pro Tip: The next two antiquing steps are completely optional, but if you are an antique buff as am I, you will appreciate it!  



Step 11

Using the same load and offload technique as before, apply a wispy layer of the Amy Howard at Home Dark Antique Wax around the edges. Once wax has dried, buff to a shine with a clean lint free rag.


Step 12

Using a clean round Amy Howard at Home natural bristle brush, apply a generous layer of the Amy Howard at Home Dust of Ages to the edges. The, just as you would a shoe, buff dust into the waxy surface with a hit-drag motion to bring out the sheen and depth of the Dust of Ages.


I love the patina our wax duo brings out, but some of you may not choose to antique your image. No matter your style, your project will be beautiful and so special! The Amy Howard at Home Copycat  solution has literally transformed your precious memory onto a beautiful work of art! You can always frame your art like I have or simply keep the canvas bare. For your next project, you could even choose to create a large scale work of art with an extra large canvas! The Amy Howard at Home Copycat solution was made to take you as far as your imagination can go!


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