Painted and Gilded Table

In Tutorials by Jani Moore

We love taking an ordinary table like this and turning into a statement piece. Now it has so much character and is something unique that no one else will have!

For this project we used:


Use 400 grit sandpaper on any chipped or rough edges before starting. Clean the wood with Amy Howard at Home® Clean Slate™ and a clean lint-free rag. Let fully dry.


Load just the tip of your brush with your color choice of Amy Howard at Home ® One Step paint, here we chose the color Bauhaus Buff, and offload any excess paint onto the edge of the can. With long clean strokes apply a thin layer of paint onto the entirety of your project. Overlap each stroke to smooth out the previous stroke.


Allow each application to dry for at least 30 minutes and then repeat the painting and drying process until full coverage is obtained. With some surfaces you may need to sand with a 1000 grit sandpaper between coats to smooth raised paint stroke marks. Allow to dry overnight before taping.


Using your painters tape, create a pattern alternating widths and angles for a more interesting and modern look. Be sure to tape off the outer edge for a clean line.


Using a foam brush, apply Gilding Size™ in a smooth and even layer over the table top in the un-taped areas. Wait 15-20 minutes for Gilding Size™ to come to tack.


When Gilding Size™ has come to tack, apply Gold Leaf™ sheets to cover entire top surface.*Begin in one corner and work in a linear motion (i.e. top to bottom, left to right.), making sure to overlap 1/2 in. – 1 in. for each full sheet.

Once laid, put orange tissue paper sheet in-between hand and Gold Leaf™ to burnish well.


Take clean, dry bristle brush and wipe off any extra Gold Leaf™, then smooth again with a clean lint-free rag.



Make sure that the gold gild is smooth and even, repairing any areas missed.

Remove painters tape slowly and Enjoy the Bragging Rights™!