Painted Chair and Fabric Cushion

In Tutorials by Jani Moore

For this project we used:


Clean the wood on the chair with Amy Howard at Home® Clean Slate™ and a clean lint-free rag. Let fully dry.


Using and the Amy Howard at Home© synthetic tapered brush load just the tip with the Luxe Grey and offload excess paint on edge of can. With long clean strokes apply a thing layer of paint onto the entirety of your project. Overlap each stroke to smooth out the previous stroke.


I allowed each application to dry for at least 30 minutes and then repeated the painting and drying process until full coverage was obtained. With some surfaces you may need to sand with a 1000 grit sandpaper between coats to smooth raised paint stroke marks. Allow chair to dry for a couple of hours.


To paint the fabric on the cushion dilute the Amy Howard at Home ® One Step™ in Luxe Grey with 20% water. Prepare the fabric by lightly spraying the fabric with water until damp to help the fabric receive the paint.


Use your brush to apply one light coat of your diluted Luxe Grey One Step Paint to the seat. Allow to dry. Once dry, apply a second coat and let dry.


Burnish the Amy Howard at Home ® Adhesive Stencil with a plastic putty knife to ensure adhesion. Remove the backing of the stencil and adhere to pillow cover. Then remove the clear outer cover of stencil, using burnishing tool to help release the stencil sticker.


With Amy Howard at Home ® One Step™ in Metropolitan Grey, use a Round Hog’s Hair Brush to stipple the paint over the stencil, being sure to offload extra paint from brush onto the cardboard pallet prior to applying to the pillow to avoid excess paint bleeding under stencil. Allow 20-30 minutes to dry.


Carefully remove your stencil. Once paint is dry, lightly sand your painted pillow with 400 Grit Sandpaper to smooth any raised edges.


Apply Amy Howard at Home ® Mind your own Beeswax to the entire surface of your painted pillow using a Round Hog’s Hair Brush, being sure to offload to a cardboard pallet prior to applying to pillow. Allow 15-20 minutes to come to tack, then buff your painted pillow using Lint-free rag.

STEP 10:

Once your painted chair is completely dry, apply Amy Howard at Home ® Mind Your Own Beeswax to the entire chair using a Round Hog’s Hair Brush. Offload any extra wax on your brush to a cardboard pallet prior to applying. Allow 15-20 minutes to come to tack, then buff the painted chair using a Lint-free rag.
Reassemble the cushion to your chair and Enjoy the Bragging Rights™!