DIY Zinc Planter Pot

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Zinc Planter Pot Blog

Take drab sheet metal pots and make fab zinc planter pots to create your very own plant menagerie.

  1. Items needed:  Amy Howard at Home products-Clean Slate, Zinc Solution, One Step Paint, Bristle Brush.  Other products-masking tape (Ace Hardware), cotton rags (Ace Hardware), small container for Zinc Solution (Ace Hardware).  Sheet metal pots (Ikea or Ace Hardware) be sure that this is unfinished galvanized sheet metal or the Zinc Solution will not react with the metal.

2-3.      Apply Clean Slate on cotton rag and thoroughly clean the metal container to remove any wax, grease or grime

  1. Pour Zinc Solution into a glass or plastic container.
  2. Saturate cotton rag with the Zinc Solution.
  3. Generously apply the Zinc Solution on the exterior of the metal container.  Use slight pressure as you rub in the solution.  Continue this process.                     
  4. The metal container will turn a dark charcoal grey as you continue to apply the Zinc Solution.  Be sure the entire outside of metal container has turned dark charcoal gray, but does not have to be even or uniform in color
  5. Allow metal container to completely dry.  It will turn a lighter grey as it dries to look just like zinc.

9-10.   Using masking tape, tape off areas where you do not want the paint in order to create a design or pattern.  We are using a vertical strip pattern (as shown)  *tip-you can also use a stencil to create your design.

  1. Burnish (push down) the edges of the masking tape with the handle of your brush to prevent the One Step Paint from seeping under the tape.                                                                                                                                       .
  2. Apply One Step Paint with Bristle Brush on the areas where you did not apply masking tape.  This may require more than one coat for good coverage.  *tip:  apply thin coats rather than heavy coats as heavier coats may crack when drying.  Allow paint to dry 30-45 minutes between coats.  After final coat has dried, remove tape.                   
  3. Add some potting soil to metal pot and place your plant in the soil.  Add some water to the pot.
  4. Enjoy The Bragging Rights!