DIY Vintage Wood Mercantile Christmas Tree

In Seasonal, Tutorials by Tess DeViney

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a beautifully and personally decorated Christmas tree! One of my favorite things during the Christmas season is to fill each room of my home with an individually themed tree! I love to think of the new ways I can decorate each tree so that it stands out as it’s own special composition.

This year we unveiled a few of our brand new and fast favorite products including Pallet Wall in a Box™ and Better with Age™! You and I both know there really are no limitations to any of my products. I thought, “What better way to celebrate my favorite season, than with my favorite new products?” So let’s use these new additions to put a brand new, rustic, spin on the most timeless Christmas tradition of all…our Christmas trees!
Products we used:
Amy Howard at Home© Pallet Wall in a Box™
Amy Howard at Home© Better with Age™
Amy Howard at Home© Venetian Plaster
Plaster trowel
Double sided tape
Amy Howard at Home© Natural bristle brush
3′ piece of wood to brace your project
Decorative star
Hand or Table saw

Step 1

For this project, you will only need 6 pieces of wood from your Amy Howard at Home© Pallet Wall in a Box™. Begin by cutting each plank down for a tapered effect. Your top piece should be 7” wide. Each piece that follows will need to extend 4-5” longer than the previous length.

Step 2

Cut the edges of each plank of wood down to a diagonal edge. This ensures your Christmas tree will be perfectly tiered.

Step 3

For the “trunk” of our tree we cut a rectangle shape to act as a base.

Step 4

Using your Amy Howard at Home© Natural bristle brush apply a full even coat of the Amy Howard at Home© Better with Age™ to the entire surface of your wood.

Step 5

Immediately follow by mixing 1 part Amy Howard at Home© Venetian Plaster with 1 part tepid water. Mix until you have a smooth creamy consistency.

Step 6

While the pallet wood is still wet with the Better with Age™ solution, apply an even layer of plaster to your entire Christmas tree. Feel free to use a clean natural bristle brush or plaster trowel for this step.

Step 7

After the plaster has cured for at least 3-4 minutes, take your plaster trowel and scrape off excess plaster from each piece of wood. Use firm even pressure throughout this entire process, but expect each piece of wood to look different from the other.

Step 8

Once your wood has completely cured, attach each of your wooden planks to your 3′ piece of wood using the double sided sticky tape. Aim for even spacing and level placement to create a beautiful Christmas tree shape!

Step 9

It is time to add your decorations! We chose to use a simple gold star applied with our handy double sided tape to complete our tree!

How is that for a brand new take on an ageless Christmas tradition!
Now it is your turn to enjoy the bragging rights!™
Until next time,
Amy Howard