old world toscana 2

DIY Old World Toscana

In Surface Techniques, Tutorials by Kelsey Browning-Connor

old world toscana 2


Furniture Stain
Amy Howard At Home® Cracked Gesso™
Amy Howard At Home® Venetian Plaster™
Amy Howard At Home® Antiquing Glaze™ 
Amy Howard at Home® Light Antique Wax™ 
Amy Howard at Home® Dark Antique Wax™ 

Cracked Gesso

Venetian Plaster


1. Apply Natural Furniture Stain with sponge
2. Apply Cracked Gesso
3. Apply Venetian Plaster
4. Watermark with Antiquing Glaze
5. Distress with Antiquing Glaze
6. Apply Light Antique Wax, allow to come to tack
7. Apply Dark Antique Wax, allow to come to tack
8. Buff with lint free rag