DIY Jewelry Plates

In Tutorials by Jani Moore

We just love taking something plain and cheap like these plates found at a yard sale, and make them look special and practical!

For this Project we used:


  • Clean plates with Amy Howard at Home ® Clean Slate™ using a Lint-free T-Shirt Rag, allow to dry completely.
  • In a well ventilated area, spray plates with thin coats Amy Howard at Home ® High Performance Furniture Lacquer™ in White Perfection, allowing 15-20 minutes drying time between coats and 2-3 hours after final coat. *Be sure to spray in long, clean strokes, holding can 6”-8” away from the plate. Spraying thin coats prevents drips and gives an ideal consistent finish.


Once final coat of lacquer has dried, use painters tape to tape off desired area. Using and the Amy Howard at Home© nylon angled brush load just the tip with your color choice of Amy Howard at Home ® One Step Paint™ and offload excess paint on edge of can. With long clean strokes apply a ‘not too thick’ layer of paint onto the entirety of your project. Overlap each stroke to smooth out the previous stroke.


Allowed each application of paint to dry for at least 30 minutes and then repeat the painting and drying process until full coverage was obtained. With some surfaces you may need to sand with a 1000 grit sandpaper between coats to smooth raised paint stroke marks. Allow final coat of One Step paint to dry for a couple of hours.


While your paint is drying you can apply the gilding size to your plate. In the pattern you choose apply the gilding size with a small artist brush, be sure to use smooth unbroken strokes to eliminate and uneven result. Wait 20-30 min for Gilding Size to come to tack.


When gilding size has come to tack, apply the Gold Leaf sheets to cover any surface of the plate that you applied the gilding size to. Once laid, put orange tissue paper sheet in-between hand and gold leaf to burnish well. Take clean, dry china bristle brush and wipe off any extra gold leaf. 


Spray frames with Amy Howard at Home ® Bright Idea™ for a high-gloss finish and protective layer.
Now you get to Enjoy the Bragging Rights™!