DIY Holiday Card Display

In Tutorials by Daniel Pope


When you receive all of those wonderful holiday cards, where can you display your favorites?  This decorative repurposed frame is perfect to show-off your cards and your creative flair.  The only difficult part is deciding which cards you will display!


  1. Items needed Amy Howard at Home products-Clean Slate, One Step Paint, 2- Bristle Brushes, Cerusing Wax.  Other products-reclaimed frame, chicken wire (Ace Hardware), metal sheers (Ace Hardware), upholstery stapler (hobby store), small decorative clothes pins (hobby store), cotton rags (Ace Hardware)                                            
  2. Apply Clean Slate on cotton rag and clean all wax and grime from your reclaimed frame.                           .
  3. Apply One Step Paint, color of your choice, using a bristle brush.  We used Frankly Scarlett for our color choice.  For best coverage, it may take more than on coat.  Allow paint to dry 30-45 minutes before applying second coat.  *tip:  it is better to apply thin coats of One Step Paint rather than heavy because thicker coats tend to crack as paint dries.

  1. After the final coat dries, apply small amount of Cerusing Wax on clean bristle brush. 
  2. Using very light strokes, apply cerusing wax on the frame. 
  3. Continue to brush-out the Cerusing Wax so that it is sheer enough for the color of the paint can be seen through the wax.  Allow wax to dry 45 minutes to an hour.  Using a clean cotton rag, buff the Cerusing Wax.
  4. Place the frame face down on table or other flat surface.  Measure the recessed opening on the back of the frame and cut the chicken wire to fit in the recessed opening.  Using the upholstery stapler, staple the chicken wire in the frame.
  5. Attach your holiday cards to the chicken wire with the decorative clothes pins.
  6. Enjoy The Bragging Rights!