DIY Gilded Art

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I have always carried a tender place in my heart for original art. Gene and I make sure to always visit the art galleries in every city we visit to take in the beauty and culture of the world abroad. Throughout history, the most impactful moments can be marked by the raw artistic creations sent into circulation. As creatives, the original pieces we create embody the realness of our human nature and as such, original art is getting more and more expensive to own! 

While many of my students may not canvas artists, their desire to enjoy the bragging rights of an original creation is still within them. A little while back I formulated a way to create for my students to create an original piece of glass art utilizing the user-friendly products in the Amy Howard at Home lifestyle line. I can’t wait to share these easy steps with you today!

Step 1

For this project I used a small piece of tempered glass. I sprayed an even layer the Amy Howard at Home Bright Idea Lacquer over the entire surface of my glass. This first step creates a sticky surface for our Gold Leaf to adhere to. 

Step 2

After at least 3 to 4 minutes have passed, your glass surface will be tacky enough to move forward. Taking the Gold Leaf sheet in hand, I dragged the foiled across the sticky surface in a 45 degree angle. Don’t worry with 100% coverage, allow  some negative space to remain.

Step 3

Spray an additional coat of Bright Idea Clear Lacquer over your surface. While it is still sticky take the Amy Howard at Home Mica Powder and sporadically cover the tacky surface. Again, don’t worry with 100% coverage, allow some negative space. 

Step 4

After about 15 minutes have passed, apply an even coat of Amy Howard at Home Lacquer in White Perfection over the entire surface. When you finish this step, you will see how the bare areas of negative space allow the White Lacquer to show through! 

Step 5

Just when you think our project is complete, let’s raise that creative bar! After a few minutes of drying time have passed, pull at the white lacquer surface just a little to re-expose the bare glass surface. 

Step 6

For this final step I chose to paint the back  of the glass with a pop of color. Using an Amy Howard at Home natural bristle brush, I coated the surface with an even coat of One Step Paint in Frankly Scarlett. 

Once your glass surface has completely cured, at 30 minutes of drying time, you are ready to frame your original work of art! I chose a large matted shadow box frame to showcase mine. Don't forget to sign your art with a sharpie on the front of the glass either! 

It's your turn to Enjoy the Bragging Rights, 
XO Amy