embossed zinc

DIY Embossed Zinc

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embossed zinc


Zinc Antiquing Solution


*Before you start, know that if your piece of metal has scratches or marks on it, that is OK! It will make your zinc piece look old and worn with great character! 

  1. Use Clean Slate to clean the entire surface of your metal. This will remove the greasy, oily film on the metal.
  2. With a paper towel, wipe degreaser over entire piece, making sure not to overlook any areas.
  3. Rinse off degreaser, wipe off piece with water and clean paper towels.
  4. Pour the Amy Howard at Home™ Zinc Solution into your container.
  5. Put on gloves for protection.
  6. Use t-shirt rag to soak up Zinc Solution. Rag should not be drowning in solution. If rag is over-saturated, lightly shake rag above plastic container. DO NOT SQUEEZE.
  7. Use rag to lightly dab metal. Dab and dot rag in
    different directions while piece of metal. It should be unclear as to what type of tool you used to apply Zinc Solution.
  8. Cover the whole piece. Remember to dab and dot your rag over the edges of piece. This eliminates any missed spots or haloed edges.
    You will begin to see the oxidation process happen immediately. Solution on top of metal will begin to turn black.
    Continue applying solution with rag until EVERYTHING on the piece begin to turn black.
  9. If any places are neglected or missed, use rag and go back over the spot.
    Leave flat to dry 30-45 minutes.
  10. As the solution begins to dry, metal will gradually
    turn into that dead, chalky finish of Antique Parisian Zinc.
  11. Apply Stencil
  12. Re-apply Zinc Antiquing Solution process; allow again to dry.
  13. **If you are using this for a counter top, vanity or top of any piece of furniture, be sure and seal it with wax, but if you desire a more chalky, blue green finish, do not seal it.
  14. Apply Clear Wax using hog’s hair brush.
  15. Buff using dry t-shirt rag.
  16. Remove Stencil.
  17. Now you can Enjoy the Bragging Rights™!