Better with Age With Venetian Plaster and Toscana Milk Paint - DIY Barn Wood

DIY Barn Wood with Vintage Wood Mercantile

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I have a feeling there are a few of you out there who love old chippy barn wood as much as I do! The way those vintage paint layers begin to weather off and reveal the perfect grey wood just warms my heart.

Our brand new product line, The Vintage Wood Mercantile, has just launched Better with Age and Pallet Wall in a Box. Our revolutionary product allows you to create that same beloved vintage appeal with any raw wood surface! You can create table tops, headboards, pallet walls and more. This water-based paint does not contain any stains, pigments or VOC’s, but rather uses all natural reactants to works with the tannin in the wood. Within minutes your brand new wood will age 100 years before your eyes.

For this project, I chose to use my our new Pallet Wall in a Box! Each box contains 20 square feet of our favorite kiln dried red oak. These planks run three to five feet long and make a beautiful canvas for our Better with Age solution. The more tannin in the wood, the prettier the gray will cure! One of the many reasons I love Oak. What is more, there is never a need to seal or sand the planks. Simply attach to your surface with double stick tape or nails and you are ready to go!

Step 1

Shake your container of Better with Age thoroughly before beginning. These natural components tend to settle over time.

Shake Better with Age Before Use - DIY Barnwood

Step 2

Using a clean Amy Howard at Home bristle brush, apply a generous coat of Better with Age directly to your raw wood.

Apply Better with Age to Raw Wood - DIY Barnwood

Apply Better with Age to Raw Wood - DIY Barnwood

Step 3

While your wood is taking time to cure, mix one part water to one part of the Amy Howard at Home Venetian Plaster. Continue mixing until all the lumps are out. I recommend to aim for a cream-like consistency.

Mix Ventian Plaster with Water - DIY Barnwood

Step 4

Once your wood has dried a little and is still damp, not soaking wet, apply a layer of your Venetian Plaster mixture with a clean Amy Howard at Home brush.

Apply Venetian Plaster over Better with Age - DIY Barnwood

Step 5

Allow this step to cure for about 2 to 3 minutes.

All Venetian Plaster to Cure for Three Minutes - DIY Barnwood

Step 6

Take a metal trowel or metal putty knife and scrape off the excess, exposing the grain underneath.

Scrape off Excess Venetian Plaster With A Putty Knife - DIY Barnwood


As the Better with Age solution continues to react, your wood and plaster alike will darken in color. I sometime like to speed up the process by blasting it with my hair dryer! You will be amazed at how white your wood will turn out! In fact, the first time I used this technique, I was so elated over my resulted I literally cried! I love this look for the backs of bookcases, mantles, headboards, the possibilities really are endless.


As an added bonus, you can create colored boards by adding your choice of the Amy Howard at Home Toscana Milk Paint pigments to your plaster mixture! Simply add 1 part dry Toscana Milk Paint to 2 parts dry plaster before adding your water. This is a wonderful technique when decorating nurseries, accent walls and ceiling covers.

Better with Age With Venetian Plaster and Toscana Milk Paint - DIY Barn Wood

Now it is your turn to Enjoy the Bragging Rights!TM