Lacquered Decoupage Tray

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I love sprucing up the little nooks in my home with accessories like decorative trays. These unassuming accents speak “Come sit and relax a while. Bring a cup of coffee and your favorite book. Let’s get cozy.” My favorites spots always end up being the coziest ones. I thought it would be fun to create a modern tray layered with decoupage and lacquer. I started with a simple raw wood tray and had a piece of plain clear glass cut to size. 

Step 1

I lacquered the entire surface of the tray in the Amy Howard at Home Lacquer Paint in White Perfection.  When using lacquer paints, you want a completely opaque finish void of any holidays. Generally 3-4 coats are needed to get a smooth thick coating. Start with short linear bursts and build up your coverage. I sand down any rough patches with 400 grit sandpaper in between coats. These small attentive steps are what build your finish into a beautiful sheen. 

Step 2

There are a host of beautiful pictures you could use for this next step. I ended up printing off two flowers and cut them out to fit my surface. 

Step 3

I brushed an even layer of the Amy Howard at Home Copycat solution onto the front of the  flowers and placed them on the glass. I allowed the Copycat to cure for 15 minutes. 

Step 4

Using my trusty spray bottle filled with tap water. I sprayed bursts of water up into the air, allowing the water droplets to fall haphazardly all over the glass. 

Step 5

Leaving the water droplets be, I sprayed a layer of Amy Howard at Home Lacquer Paint in Silver Fox over the glass. 

Step 6

After the lacquer had cured for a few minutes, I took a clean sheet of paper towel and lightly placed it onto the droplets as to carefully absorb the water. The goal is to remove the water, exposing the clear unpainted glass without disturbing the painted portions. The water should come off easily and leave perfect little circles behind.

Step 7

After the glass had completely dried, I placed an Amy Howard at Home furniture stencil over the painted side of the glass. I gave the stencil a once over coat of Amy Howard at Home Lacquer in White Perfection to cover the silver droplet design. Once this layer had completely cured I slowly removed the stencil.

Step 8

To finish off our intricately painted layers, I sprayed a final coat of Amy Howard at Home Lacquer in Belize over all the patterns. This way, one side is a sea of beautiful colors and textures while the other is a clean bright pop. 

I now get to enjoy all these wonderful little hints of blue and pink when Gene serves me breakfast in bed, wink wink. Now it's your turn to see how easy it is to create your artistic glass tray right at home. 

As always, enjoy the bragging rights!