Creating Weathered Wood

Creating Authentic, Weathered Wood

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These days there is no need to stick to the basics in your interior design. From top to bottom, inside and out, we have all been given a license to think outside the box and go as far as our imaginations can take us. In the spirit of originality, floors too are taking a turn for the new and bold. Gone are the days of dark brown treading, it’s time to say hello to floors covered in beautiful hues of grey found in aged, weathered wood!

Today, I am so excited share a new product I just developed in my studio. Often times wood stains will contain pigments that end up covering the beautiful wood grains instead of highlighting them. I wanted to create a product that would actually work with the natural oils and acids in the wood and age it versus hide it.

My product Better with Age© will take any raw real-wood surface and age it 100 years within minutes. This VOC free product is water based and made right here in the US. You can brush or roll it onto floors, furniture, and cabinets. Within moments your once “outdated” surface will dry to a beautifully aged grey color.

Products Needed:

  • Vintage Wood Mercantile Better with Age
  • Vintage Wood Mercantile Cerusing Wax
  • Clean china bristle brushes
  • Clean lint-free rags
  • A raw unstained wood surface

STEP 1: Gather Your Supplies

Vigorously shake the Amy Howard at Home Better with Age© until you can feel the solution begin to thicken. All the ingredients are natural and tend to separate over time.

Vintage Wood Mercantile - Create a weathered wood finish.

STEP 2: Prepare Your Supplies

Open lid and thoroughly mix all of the ingredients, top to bottom, until a smooth solution is left behind.

Vintage Wood Mercantile - Create a weathered wood finish.

STEP 3: Coat Your Surface

Dip the tip of a clean Amy Howard at Home© china bristle brush into the Better with Age© solution, then offload excess product before applying to wood. Using long clean strokes, apply an even coat directly onto your entire raw wood surface.

Vintage Wood Mercantile - Create a weathered wood finish.

Pro Tip: Most flooring is made of white or red oak. The Vintage Wood Mercantile products work great with both!

STEP 4: Begin to See Weathered Wood Finish

Allow the Better with Age solution to dry for at least 30 minutes. Before your eyes you will see a once raw wood surface age at least 100 years into a beautiful grey that mimics weathered wood.

Vintage Wood Mercantile - Create a weathered wood finish.

STEP 5: Apply Cerusing Wax

After the wood has completely cured, I like to apply an even coat of the Amy Howard at Home© Vintage Wood Mercantile cerusing wax with a lint-free rag. Lightly buff your surface until entirety of project is covered.

Vintage Wood Mercantile - Create a weathered wood finish.

Vintage Wood Mercantile - Create a weathered wood finish.

What an amazing transformation! This beautiful natural wood couldn’t be any more alluring and unique. Gene and I have plans to rescue, restore and redecorate an older home for ourselves. As we have finalized our transformation plans, we realize the original dark oak floors must be given a new lease on life. I can’t wait to sand them down and show you all that we accomplish! Not just with the floors that is, but with the walls as well. It seems there is no surface the Amy Howard at Home© Better with Age can’t redefine!

Vintage Wood Mercantile - Create a weathered wood finish.

Now it is your turn to tackle your own restoration project and Enjoy the Bragging Rights!

You can purchase Vintage Wood Mercantile products to create your very own weathered wood finish from the Amy Howard at Home online store or your local Amy Howard at Home retailer.