Create Vintage Wood

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Step 1

Before beginning, clean your raw wooden surface of any dust, grime or dirt.

Step 2

Dip the tip of an Amy Howard at Home© china bristle brush into the Amy Howard at Home© Better with Age™ solution and offload excess before applying.

Step 3

Using long even strokes, brush Better with Age™ solution onto your raw wooden surface for full and consistent coverage.

Step 4

Allow solution approximately 10 minutes dry time before applying next step.
Important Note: Do not allow solution to dry completely, 10 minutes should be adequate.

Step 5

While initial dry time is passing, mix 1 part Amy Howard at Home© Venetian Plaster with 1 part water in separate container and stir until plaster is smooth and free of any lumps.

Step 6

Using a china bristle brush, apply an even coat of Venetian Plaster onto your semi-wet surface. Aim for full, consistent coverage over entire surface with your brush strokes.

Step 7

While plaster is still wet, use Venetian Plaster trowel to remove excess plaster. Troweling the surface also helps to push plaster down into the grains of the raw surface.

Pro Tip:
Use metal putty knife to smooth out any lines created from plaster trowel when necessary.

Step 8

Wood surface will need approximately 45 to 60 minutes of drying time before ready for use.

Step 9

Now you get to “Enjoy the Bragging Rights!”

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