Chalkboard Advent Calendar

In Seasonal, Tutorials by Tess DeViney

Tis’ the season for all of your favorite traditions, rituals and holiday cheer! This year I would like to introduce a new way to celebrate a timeless tradition many of you already know. The 25 days of Christmas is one of my favorite ways to countdown the best day of the year with my loved ones. This is simple to make and is also fun for all ages. What better way is there to celebrate the most anticipated holiday?

For today’s project we used:

Amy Howard at Home© Clean Slate™

Amy Howard at Home© One Step Paint™ in color Black

Amy Howard at Home© synthetic bristle brush

New sheet of plywood

Clean lint-free rag

White chalk

Wooden clothespins

Frame of choice

2 yards of string

400 grit sandpaper

6 small nails

25 small brown bags from your local hardware store

Step 1

Start with a fresh piece of plywood cut down to your desired size. Our board is 40″ x 29″.

Step 2

Clean your plywood of any dirt and debris with the Amy Howard at Home© Clean Slate™ solution and a clean lint-free rag. Allow the raw wood to completely dry before moving forward.

Step 3

Using A clean Amy Howard at Home© synthetic bristle brush, apply a generous coat of your Amy Howard at Home© One Step Paint™ in Black.

Step 4

Using your 400 grit sandpaper, lightly sand your first coat of dried paint for a perfectly smooth surface.

Step 5

Apply a second coat of black paint and allow to fully dry. Follow by lightly sanding any rough patches on surface just as before.

Step 6

Once your surface is smoothed down it is time to season your new chalkboard! Using the long side of a your chalk shade the entire painted surface with a heavy layer of white chalk.

Step 7

Using a clean lint-free rag wipe away all of the excess chalk dust.

Step 8

House your chalkboard in any frame you desire. We chose to use a rescued gold frame.

Step 9

Apply 2 sets of  3 nails approximately 9″-10″ apart on each side of the frame. Your string will suspend in three rows between these nails.

Step 10

Tie one end of your string to the first nail, suspend string over middle of chalkboard and secure other end of string to the opposite nail.  Make sure the string is draping and relaxed. Repeat this process to make three string layers.

Step 11

Clip your clothespins and brown bags evenly across each of the string rows.

Step 12

Personalize your brand new chalkboard with your favorite holiday wishes and phrases!

I think I will fill each of these little goodie bags with a sweet treat, a tiny toy or a new Christmas ornament! Now it’s your turn to enjoy the bragging rights!