A Pet’s Dream

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Looking at life through my eyes means everything is seen “outside the box”. I see an object, not for what it already is, but all that it can become. Allowing your imagination to focus on life’s potential and not its shortcomings, ushers a world of possibilities into your artistic creations!Many of my friends are just like you, they love to sleep with their pets, but are also woken up throughout the night by their movements and even midnight kisses. I thought it would be perfect to design a special, yet functional piece of furniture that gives our fur babies the security of knowing they were right beside their owner and us a good night’s rest!Last week I showed you how to turn an old drawer into an adorable dog bed. Today, I want to open your eyes to what possibilities this old nightstand holds. Keeping in line with our pet motif, let’s think of how this piece might look without doors or maybe even without drawers! How you could paint the outside as well as the inside? Let’s push the limits of color and design today.

Step 1

I cleaned every inch of the nightstand with the Amy Howard at Home Clean Slate solution. I also recommend Simple Green to remove grease or multiple layers of hard to penetrate residue. Be sure to wipe off cleaner with water afterward.

Step 2

I removed all hardware. Since I was aiming to design a cozy pet space, I thought I would add interest by painting the interior of the nightstand a complimenting color to the exterior.

Step 3

I taped off the interior and exterior sections. I didn't want to my colors to overlap or bleed!

Step 4

Using my Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint in Tick Tock and a flat nylon brush, I covered the entire exterior of the nightstand. I always use long clean brush strokes and make sure to overlap my edges.Pro Tip: About 30 minutes prior to painting, turn your One Step Paint container upside down to allow the chalk base sediment time to loosen. Before opening, vigorously shake your container. Before Painting, I also suggest stirring your paint color for a few minutes. These preparatory steps ensure every coat is thick and evenly mixed.

Step 5

I allowed the first coat to dry about 25 minutes and then came back and added an additional coat.

Step 6

Since I had no intention of re-attaching the doors, I filled in the holes from the hinges with wood filler and allowed  ample drying time before I painted the interior.

Step 7

I chose to use a custom mixed color for the inside. Equal parts of the Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint in Massey Hill and Bauhaus Buff were mixed together to create the perfect coral hue for the interior portion. My aim was to match the discount fabric I made the cushion out of!

Step 8

I applied 2 coats of my custom color to the entire interior, allowing plenty of dry time in between. I would suggest using a short handled nylon brush for small spaces. Maneuvering around inside the nightstand could prove tricky otherwise.

Step 9

While allowing the interior to dry, I cleaned my hardware and sprayed it with 3 coats of the Amy Howard at Home High Performance Furniture Lacquer in White Perfection.

Step 10

Always aiming to keep things interesting, I decided to paint the inside of the drawer with a coat of Bauhaus Buff at the last minute. This way a little surprise awaits you every time the drawer is opened!

Step 11

After all my paint colors had dried, I re-attached the lacquered hardware. What a thrill I felt to see the white lacquered hardware pop against the blue! I also applied Light Antique Wax to slightly age the surface.

Step 12

After placing my custom discount pillow inside, I could have just cried. Envisioning our little Papillion, Izzy, cozied up inside made all my hard work well worth it!I hope you have a blast transforming your nightstand into one of your pet's new favorite napping nooks! They love being close by us just as much as we do them. Remember, thinking outside the box and creating new functions for forgotten pieces is what rescuing, restoring and redecorating is all about.Until next time,XOXO Amy