DIY Tigers Eye Glass

In Tutorials by Jani Moore

Talk about Drab to Fab! This gold and glass bar cart was a little “lackluster” and needed a makeover. We decided that we would go for a tigers eye finish and it turned out better than expected!

For this project we used:


  • Clean glass and frame with Amy Howard at Home ® Clean Slate™ using a Lint-free T-Shirt Rag.
  • In a well ventilated area, spray the table frame with thin coats of Amy Howard at Home ® High Performance Furniture Lacquer™ in Basic Black, allowing 15-20 minutes drying time between coats and after final coat. *Be sure to spray in long, clean strokes, holding can 6”-8” away from the frame. Spraying thin coats prevents drips and gives an ideal consistent finish.


Remove the glass shelf and using a foam roller brush, apply Gilding Size™ in a smooth and even layer over the glass. Wait 15-20 minutes for Gilding Size™ to come to tack.


When Gilding Size™ has come to tack, apply Gold Leaf™ sheets to cover entire top surface.*Begin in one corner and work in a linear motion (i.e. top to bottom, left to right.), making sure to overlap 1/2 in. – 1 in. for each full sheet.

Once laid, put orange tissue paper sheet in-between hand and Gold Leaf™ to burnish well.



Take clean, dry bristle brush and wipe off any extra Gold Leaf™, then smooth again with a clean lint-free rag.


Using Craft Knife make cuts into the corner edge of your Eraser at a slight angle, and going about ¼” deep (see photo). Go back and cut again at the opposite angle, allowing some cuts to cause bits of the eraser to fall away, creating an irregular comb edge as shown. Cut several tool edges (long sides as well as short sides) on several erasers for variety and a natural, irregular finished look.


Mix equal parts Amy Howard at Home ® Glazed Over™  with Black One Step Paint.


Using a foam brush, apply your glaze mixture over the gold guided glass. Move immediately to the next step, not allowing any drying time. You will have 10-25 minutes of “open time” (while the paint is still wet, fluid, and movable), so you will work on one shelf at a time.

Holding your eraser tool firmly between thumb and ring finger or middle finger, and applying pressure to center with index finger (see photo), place cut edge of the eraser tool firmly against an edge of the gilded glass and begin pulling across the surface in an organic somewhat straight motion. Without stopping, create subtle and sparse irregularities with your eraser tool (see photo). Work from top to bottom in sections as quickly as possible without letting the glaze mixture dry. Wipe your eraser tool off between each pull.

Be sure to use a different side of your eraser tool or change erasers every 3-4 pulls for pattern variety. Paint the edge of the glass with your black glaze mixture for a clean finished look. Allow the glaze to dry for 30-45 minutes.


Once your entire project is completely dry, spray the frame and the shelves with Amy Howard at Home ® Bright Idea™ for a high-gloss finish and protective layer.

Now you get to Enjoy the Bragging Rights™!