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Slim Aarons, I find myself flocking to the books housing his beautiful images this time of year. Pictures of sun drenched women in brightly colored swim suits draped on the the sides of turquoise pools and lounging casually atop striped furniture amidst swirly cocktails and lush, manicured lawns. The colors, the clean lines, the dreamy atmosphere, all work to create this cool vibe that embody the atmosphere of leisure in the 1960’s. The fashions and decor of this time were, in their moment, so contemporary, but almost sixty years removed from the era of Hollywood Regency, the aesthetic has been cemented as utterly classic.

So, with days lasting longer and the sun shine beckoning for evenings and weekends to be spent on the patio or by the pool, it is important to me to have outdoor furniture that is as carefully selected and designed as the furniture inside the home. Stumbling upon this pair of outdoor armchairs, felt like the perfect opportunity to create some pieces that were well suited for the types of scenes Aarons’ had painted so clearly in his photography.

I decided on a color scheme that was sort of a nod to Americana, but brighter and maybe a little cheeky. My High Performance Lacquer in Brisson Red would take to the linear silhouette of the metal frame like a candy coating. And painting the cushions in One Step in Nottoway complimented that fire hot red like a cool blue pool. I decided to create the angular detail of an inset fretwork, with masking tape and One Step in Frankly Scarlet, on the top of both top and bottom cushions to bring that touch of glamor, synonymous with the look of Hollywood Regency design.



Step 01 | Paint Chair Frames
  • Clean chair frames with Amy Howard at Home ® Clean Slate™ using a Lint-free T-Shirt Rag.
  • Scrape any cracked, bubbled, or peeling paint from frame, and sand any rough edges until smooth, just so that the finish will be very smooth.
  • In a well ventilated area, spray chair frames with thin coats Amy Howard at Home ® High Performance Furniture Lacquer™ in Brisson Red, allowing 15-20 minutes drying time between coats and after final coat. *Be sure to spray in long, clean strokes, holding can 6”-8” away from the chair frame. Spraying thin coats prevents drips and gives an ideal consistent finish.
  • Spray frames with Amy Howard at Home ® Bright Idea™ for a high-gloss finish.


Step 02 | Paint Cushions
  • Brush away any dirt or debris from cushions.
  • Using your Soft Sable Brush, paint the cushions with two coats of One Step in Nottaway. Allow to dry 30 minutes between coats, lightly sanding fabric between coats and after second coat with 400 grit sandpaper just to soften, and brush away any dust.


Step 03 | Add Detailing
  • Tape off banding stripe as shown, 1 ½” from sides, top and bottom (see photo), and ¾” wide.
  • Brunish the edge of the tape well with the wooden handle end of your brush to prevent any paint from seeping under.
  • Using your China Bristle Brush, paint the banding stripe. Paint two coats if necessary for complete coverage, allowing 15-20 minutes dry time between coats.
  • After painting final coat, remove tape after 5 minutes, and allow to dry 25-30 minutes more.

Step 04 | Finish
  • Using a China Bristle Brush, pick up enough Clear Wax to cover the bristles well, and offload some of the wax onto cardboard pallet to avoid too heavy of coverage.
  • Apply the Clear Wax over the cushions, moving the brush in a cross-hatch motion, avoiding straight strokes or lines.
  • Allow to dry about 20 minutes, long enough for the wax to come to tack.
  • Buff the entire chair with a Lint-free T-Shirt Rag, like you would buff a shoe (hit/drag motion)  to achieve the desired sheen.     

The end result is perfectly suited for an outdoor cocktail party or casual gathering of friends around the pool! It is bright, fun, preppy and effortlessly glamorous!

Enjoy the Bragging Rights™!

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