Frequently Asked Questions

Amy Howard at Home® products are all proprietary formulations and are made in the USA.
All the paints, legno, stains, antiquing glazes, and plasters are eco-friendly.
The shelf life for plasters is 100, years and the shelf life of the paints are upwards of one year (left unopened). Once opened, the Toscana Milk Paints™ have a shelf life of six months. The Legno Gesso, once mixed with water, is good for three weeks and should be kept refrigerated.
When using the Toscana Milk Paint™, make sure the piece is stripped and has a clean surface.
The Amy Howard at Home® Zinc Solution can be used on copper and sheet metal.
All current tutorial videos can be found either on the Amy Howard at Home® YouTube channel, or on the Amy Howard at Home® Tutorials page.
Orders will ship within 72 hours of placing your order. If the products you ordered are back ordered, you will be notified.
Our products can indeed be overnighted if your order is submitted before 11:00 AM CST. Simply select the overnight option in the shipping method portion of the checkout process.
You should adhere to the posted instructions as closely as possible. The antiquing process, however, is as individual as the person doing it.
We do not recommend it for daily use surfaces such as a breakfast room table, because it is water-soluble. It is, however, great for dressers, cocktail tables, beds, trim, and side tables. The Toscana Milk Paint™ should be treated as a fine antique. Do not place glasses or sharp or scratchy objects on the finished product. Do not use Endust or Pledge to clean the Toscana finish. Rather, use a soft cloth to buff on occasion.
We host workshops in our Memphis studio and throughout the U.S. in our retailers’ studios. Amy Howard at Home® retailers have project-driven workshops that provide hands-on finishing techniques with instructors who have trained with Amy Howard.
Amy Howard at Home® provides stencils that you can use on your furniture projects.
We highly recommend attending a workshop, and having an instructor provide suggestions on what to do and how to improve your craft. However, anyone can use Amy Howard at Home® products, especially with our online tutorials.

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